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IRP - Recycled Water Recycled Water  
Recycled Water

Recycled water also known as reclaimed water is approved for nearly all use except drinking. Careful monitoring by state health and water quality-control agencies ensures that the City of Los Angeles recycled water meets all federal, state and local water quality standards.

The treatment of wastewater for reuse can serve two benefits: providing an alternative method of effluent disposal, as well as replacing and augmenting the limited supplies of potable water. Recycled water can be used for a number of applications including recreational lakes, residential and commercial irrigation system, food crop irrigation and manufacturing processes.

City of Los Angeles provides recycled water to Griffith Park, Los Angeles Zoo, several golf courses, and four water-recycling projects, which are Sepulveda Basin recreation, Greenbelt, Westside, and Eastside Valley. Currently, City of Los Angeles provides a total of 60 MGD of recycle water for the beneficial usage.