Integrated Resources Plan

Draft Environmental Impact Report

SCH No. 2004071091

SCAG No. I20040466



Executive Summary


Section 1 Introduction


Section 2 Description of IRP Facilities Plan Components and EIR Alternatives


Section 3 Setting, Impacts, and Mitigation


3.1       Introduction


3.2       Aesthetics


3.3       Agriculture


3.4       Air Quality


3.5       Biological Resources


3.6       Coastal Resources


3.7       Cultural Resources


3.8       Environmental Justice


3.9       Geology and Soils


3.10     Hazards and Hazardous Materials


3.11     Hydrology and Water Quality


3.12     Land Use and Planning


3.13     Noise and Vibration


3.14     Population, Housing, and Employment


3.15     Public Services


3.16     Recreation


3.17     Transportation and Traffic


3.18     Utilities and Service Systems


Section 4 Other Environmental Considerations


Section 5 Persons and Organizations Contacted


Section 6 Preparers


Section 7 References


DEIR Contents and Acronyms




A         Scoping and Public Information


B          Air Quality Calculations


C         Agency Coordination